Lawler Warehouse & Distribution Company


Inventory Control

Inventory control is essential in the business of warehousing as it helps to reduce time lags. Inventory can also be used in the lead time within the supply chain, while goods are being expedited from supplier to user.

Inventories are also used as buffers to meet uncertainties in demand, supply and movement of goods. The most important reason for maintaining inventories at Lawler is to produce economies of scale. Manufacturers', distributors', retailers’ and wholesalers' inventory tends to be stored in warehouses.

We deal with all kinds of inventory like a raw materials inventory, a work in progress inventory, a finished goods inventory, a goods for resale and a spare parts inventory. We know what to do with buffer stocks, cycle stocks, anticipation stocks, pipeline stocks and everything required for an inventory.

Inventory control is customized at Lawler; we cater to individual needs. We track our customers’ inventory by lot, serial, production date or batch control number. We are systematic and have linesmen controlling the entire process.

We initiate regular cycle counts, regular physical inventory counts and a lot goes into our inventory systems. We have customized reports, which we send to our customers whenever the need arises.