Lawler Warehouse & Distribution Company


Loading and Unloading

At Lawler, we have state of the art, modern and highly efficient loading docks for the loading and unloading of goods. Most of our loading docks are part of a plant’s service or utility infrastructure. They provide direct access to staging areas, storage rooms and freight elevators.

Our loading docks are replete with bumpers, dock levelers, dock lifts and dock lights. We offer cost efficient ways to store your goods and parcels. Our loading and unloading processes and our loading docks employ fast, intelligent and superior methods to unload and load shipment.

We also take safety precautions and make sure that all the goods are treated without damage. We form a main link in the supply chain, and you can be part of that special relationship.

We make sure that your merchandise doesn’t fall from vehicles, all the time ensuring a safe and speedy transit.

Our lifting operations are properly supervised, planned and executed. And our cranes, hoists, attachments and accessories are well manned and in superior condition.

We specialize in materials handling, taking great care to make sure your shipment reaches on time and in good shape. We invest in the technology of tomorrow like access platforms, anti-slip sheets and trolleys.

So, our processes and procedures are aptly in place. We constantly improvise and update our system for lasting efficiency and speedier service.

5. Order processing Pick and Pack

We provide bulk or custom packaging options. We also stock, store and rotate materials at our customer’s request. We perform daily product pulls by part number or color codes
We will pick your order, package the order in bulk, cartons or blister packs and deliver to any destination.

At Lawler, we are constantly improvising. Your order can reach us by electronic data communication, flat file, data transfer, email, fax and phone. We are there to help you for all your storage needs.

At Lawler, your order is first uploaded into our system. A packing slip is then generated from our system and sent to the warehouse. The packing slip is attached to your product or pallet before being shipped. We ensure that clear and accurate information accompanies your order.

All orders are double-checked for accuracy before leaving the plant. We also include integrating your bills of lading if you so choose, as the final step in the order process.

The pick and pack process is a complete process of the supply chain management that is part of Lawler’s modes. We process small to bulk orders by truck or train. We disassemble them, pick them for the right destination, repack them with shipping labels and invoices.

We also case pick boxes, cartons and products. We take extra care to make sure your goods are not damaged, making good use of the space awarded to us and we work fast and easy.