Lawler Warehouse & Distribution Company


Shipping and Receiving

We make shipping and receiving easier with our systematic packing lists that keep your goods traceable. We record all kinds of goods dispatched and our clerks maintain records, prepare shipments, sort out packages and goods and send and receive deliveries.

We validate orders and follow a systematic shipping and receiving process. We know how valuable our consignments are, so we make sure that none of your goods and merchandise is misplaced.

We have rapid and efficient shipping and receiving processes, workable data exchanges and we truly mark the boundaries of end to end visibility.

We also comply with the highest safety rules and regulations, and our clerks are really good at stretch wrapping cartons on pallets, detailed counting of physical merchandise, and making slips and order forms.

We, at Lawler, know the warehousing business as nobody else does. We’ve been in business so long that our systems and procedures are constantly changing and evolving to give you the best services.

Lawler has the best shipping and receiving processes that make sure that all your goods are dispatched and received on time and in a good manner. There is a careful handling of products and we make sure that none of your parcels and goods are harmed or damaged.

We also realize the importance of technology and automation, so our processes are rapidly moving towards technology and rapid strides in automatic warehousing shipping and receiving processes.